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Internet & Software development industry is undergoing revolutionary change. Internet Development is assuming a central role in modern business while Web & Interactive innovations are expanding the consumer market everyday. The way information is delivered, processed and used is evolving at an amazing pace, with no end in sight.

To develop the emerging student community to acquire the latest in Information Technology, We at Global Soft Solutions (GSS) offer them job oriented training on Embedded Systems, Micro controller based applications, Mobile Computing, Image processing, Network Security, Web Applications, etc., using VC++, JAVA, J2EE, C, C++, VB, ASP,DOTNET in WINDOWS and LINUX platform.

The student can go through the training at the end of which can undertake a project with the help of our consultants. Our wide contacts within the IT industry allows us to locate & select merit students to be sent to prospective interviews to leading organizations having opening either in India or Abroad. We take this opportunity to inform the student community that most of our previous students have been immensely benefited from this service, which comes free of cost.

Project Titles & Synopsis

IEEE- 2015 Project Titles
IEEE- Project Synopsis Model
Synopsis Detailsl for Titles 1- 5
Synopsis Detailsl for Titles 6- 10
Synopsis Detailsl for Titles 11- 15
Synopsis Detailsl for Titles 16- 20
Synopsis Detailsl for Titles 21- 25